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Consumer Behavior Research

Beyond Interventions: Exploring Long-Term Dynamics in the Quest for Convention Change

My Publications

My research findings have been published in three main domains: business journals such as the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, and the Journal of Cleaner Production; marketing journals including the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research and Marketing Letters; and communication journals like the Journal of Advertising Research. Additionally, in recent years I have presented my work at esteemed conferences including ACR, SCP, and EMAC.

My Research Focus

My research focus extends from individual consumer behavior interventions to investigating collective dynamics, exploring how interventions influence group behavior and catalyze societal changes.

Dr. Dikla Perez is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Business Administration at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. She obtained her undergraduate degree in economics and business administration from Haifa University, Israel, followed by an MBA from the Open University of Israel, and a PhD from Tel Aviv University, Israel. She completed her postdoc at Stern Business School at NYU. As a marketing researcher, her primary focus is on the influence of marketing communication on consumer behavior. Her research methodology involves experimental designs conducted in both laboratory and field settings.

About Me

My teaching includes five courses, each designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of modern marketing. Specifically, I teach Business Games, Sustainability Marketing, Social Influence in Marketing, and Marketing for High Technologies, offering students a rigorous exploration of marketing principles within diverse professional landscapes. 

My Courses

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