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My Publications

Born to Be Sustainable: Consumers’ Response toward Luxury Products That Are Born versus Reborn Sustainable

I Sani-Elia, D Perez, A Grinstein

Journal of the Association for Consumer Research 8


Help yourself: Pictures of donation recipients engaged in physical self-help enhance donations on crowdfunding platforms

D Perez, N Munichor, G Buskila

Journal of Business Research 161, 113826


“No, Thanks”: How Do Requests for Feedback Affect the Consumption Behavior of Non-Compliers?

D Perez, G Oestreicher-Singer, L Zalmanson, MM Rubin

Marketing Letters 34 (1), 83-97


The Impact of Victims’ Imagery On Charity Crowdfunding Campaigns: How Photos of Victims Doing Nothing To Help Themselves Elicit Fewer Donations

G Buskila, D Perez

Journal of Advertising Research 62 (4), 385-396


Complimentary competition: the impact of positive competitor reviews on review credibility and consumer purchase intentions

D Perez, I Stockheim, G Baratz

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 69, 103093


Consumers' emotional reactions to responsible luxury: Implications for consumer well-being and luxury businesses' social impact

FE Petersen, D Perez

The Rise of Positive Luxury, 102-116


Consistency in identity-related sequential decisions

D Perez, Y Steinhart, A Grinstein, M Morren

Plos one 16 (12), e0260048


Perceived complexity of a project’s optimal work plan influences its likelihood of adoption by project managers

M Brokman-Meltzer, D Perez, R Gelbard

Project Management Journal 52 (5), 471-487


Keep IT Together: Behavioral Aspects of Teams' Location in Enhancing Motivation to Adopt Complex Work Plans

MB Meltzer, D Perez, R Gelbard

International Journal of Information Technology Project Management


Consumers value manufacturer sincerity: The effect of central eco-friendly attributes on luxury product evaluations

D Perez, I Stockheim, D Tevet, MM Rubin

Journal of Cleaner Production 267, 122132


An optimal point is not enough: The motivation to cope with complex software project planning

M Brokman, D Perez, R Gelbard

Procedia computer science 138, 705-713


'Please Rate Your Experience'-The Effect of Calls to Action on Website User Conversion

L Zalmanson, G Oestreicher-Singer, D Perez

Available at SSRN 3044779


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