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The Graduate School of Business Administration

Bar-Ilan University

Ramat-Gan 5290002, Israel

P: +972542525014 | T:+97235317913 | E:


2012- 2017:  PhD, Coller Graduate School of Management, Tel-Aviv University, Israel Dissertation topic: “Consistent or Not? The Role of Product Visibility in Sequential Consumption-related Decisions” (supervised by Prof. Yael Steinhart and Prof. Amir Grinstein). My dissertation, focuses on in sequential decisions in the context of social and self-identity and. Specifically, I explore the role of product visibility in determining consistency in a set of decisions.

2006- 2008: MBA the Open University of Israel

1994- 1997:  BA (Business Administration) Haifa University, Israel

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Perez, D. and Steinhart Y. (2013). “It’s not personal: The differential effect of activation in advertising as a function of personalization levels.” Social Influence, 9 (3), 224-241.

  • Perez, D., Stockheim, I., Tevet, D., & Rubin, M. M. (2020). Consumers value manufacturer sincerity: The effect of central eco-friendly attributes on luxury product evaluations. Journal of Cleaner Production, 267, 122132.

  • Meltzer, M. B., Perez, D., & Gelbard, R. (2021). Keep IT Together: Behavioral Aspects of Teams' Location in Enhancing Motivation to Adopt Complex Work Plans. International Journal of Information Technology Project Management (IJITPM), 12(1), 93-105.

  • Brokman-Meltzer, M., Perez, D., & Gelbard, R. (2021). Perceived Complexity of a Project’s Optimal Work Plan Influences Its Likelihood of Adoption by Project Managers. Project Management Journal, 52(5), 471-487.

Conferences presentations

  • Elia I. and Perez D. "Born to be eco-friendly: consumer evaluations of luxury products that are "born" versus "reborn" with eco-friendly attributes". Accepted for oral presentation at the EMAC, May 2021.

  • Buskila G. and Perez D. "Pictures of Donation Recipients Engaged in Physical Self-Help Enhance Readiness to act and Donations intentions". Accepted for oral presentation at the EMAC, May 2021.

  • Zalmanson, L., Oestrecher-Singer, G., and Perez D. (2019) “The effect of website initiated participation on user's on-line behavior and spending". Oral Presentation, Marketing Science, June 2019.

  • Zalmanson, L., Oestrecher-Singer, G., and Perez D (2019). “The effect of website initiated participation on user's online behavior and spending". Oral Presentation, CBSIG, July 2019.

  • Perez D., Gneezy, A. and Steinhart Y. (2016). “The effect of immoral normative behavior, on moral regulation in the digital environment.” Poster session, ACR conference, October 2016.

  • Perez D., Steinhart Y., Grinstein A., and Morren M. (2016). “Consistent or not? The role of product visibility in sequential consumption-related decisions.” Oral Presentation, EMAC conference, June 2016.

Working papers

  • Perez, D., Oestreicher-Singer, G., Rubin, M.M, and Zalmanson, L. " The "No Thanks" Effect: How do requests for feedback affect the consumption behavior of the silent majority?". Under Review, at Marketing letters.

  • Buskila G. and Perez D. "Pictures of Victims Engaged in Self-Help Encourage Donations on Crowdfunding Platforms, by Enhancing Perceived Donation Efficacy. Under review (R2) at the Journal of Advertising Research.

  • Perez D., Munichor N. and Buskila G. " Help Yourself: Pictures of Donation Recipients Engaged in Physical Self-Help Enhance Donations on Crowdfunding Platforms" Under review at the Journal of Business Research.

  • Perez D., Grinstein A., and Elia I. " What do I think about this sustainable Gucci? Product- or company-focused sustainability association, self-efficacy, and consumer evaluation of luxury brands" Under review.

  • Perez D., Stockheim, I., and Baratz G. "Complimentary Competition: The Impact of Positive Competitor Reviews on Review Credibility and Consumer Purchase Intentions". 

Professional experience

2018 –Present: Lecturer, Graduate school of business Bar-Ilan University

2017- 2018: Visiting scholar, NYU Stern Business School.

2017- 2018: Adjunct lecturer of introduction to marketing at Yeshiva

2010- 2017: Adjunct lecturer of undergraduate and MBA Marketing Principles course, Technion, Israel, Tel-Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University.

2013- 2017: Behavioral lab administrator, Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University.

Excellency awards and grants

2016                Mia Fisher prize - Research Grant ($7,500)

2014                Segal Research Fund Grant ($1800)

2013                Amalya Miron Research Fund Grant ($6000)

2013                Awards for constant outstanding TA - Technion

2012-2016     Business School personal subsidy for a PhD student

2009                Dean's list for 2008 – Open University

Pro-social activities

2009-Present:     I volunteer as a Graduate Studies consultant, advising graduating students about doctoral programs.

2008-Present:     I oversee 60 volunteers in activities including distribution of food donations and other forms of assistance to families in need, “Ahavat Rahamim” NGO in Hadera.

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